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The College Search



-         Don’t look at a school because you “Heard it was a good school”  There are tons of “Good Schools”  The key is to find a good school for YOU.  What is your priority? Location, Size, Finances, Major?  Resist the temptation to apply to all the same schools as your friends, just because you want to see if you can get in.  You might end up getting an acceptance over your friend who may have had that school as a first choice. 

-         Visit each campus you think you might like to apply to.  Even though school is not in session, summer programs are, which means academic buildings and residence halls are open for you to check out.  If you cannot get to every school because of time and distance, try to arrange a visit as soon as possible in the fall so you know what you are applying to.  Take it all in.  Do the students look like people you would get along with? How far are the dorms from the lecture halls? What is the area around campus like? How big is the campus?  At the least look around websites and take a virtual tour. 

-         Take notes about what you like and dislike about each campus.  Compare a few as you make your list.  The biggest thing is to have concrete reasons why you want to apply to each school on your list.  You will spend a great deal of time in that environment.  Can you picture yourself there for 2-4 years?

-         Use websites to see the course catalogs and academic program offerings.


Ask now so you don't panic later!