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Principal's Corner

Dear Hen Hud School Community,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you as the Principal of Hendrick Hudson High School.

Hendrick Hudson High School serves a heterogeneous community with a population of 15,642, which includes the Village of Buchanan, the Hamlets of Verplanck and Montrose, a portion of the unincorporated area of the Town of Cortlandt, and part of the City of Peekskill.

It is the only high school serving the Hendrick Hudson School District, also known as District 3. I could not be more excited to continue making an impact on the Hendrick Hudson School community in this leadership role. My understanding of the unique needs of the K-12 system, my passion for this community, and my expertise in high-quality pedagogy provide me with a distinct ability to see how we can work together to support students, staff, and families.

Hendrick Hudson High School is a community filled with excitement and the promise of what our students can become. I would like to encourage you to be an active participant in our community as we strive to create a school environment that is nurturing, and where every person feels supported and valued.

With Sailor Pride,

Lauren Scollins


BMMS Principal Lauren Scollins


Lauren H. Scollins